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You can have it all... Success, Joy and Freedom!

Success is an inside job.

Do you have a desire to be successful but the journey feels overwhelming, like you have to sacrifice your inner peace to be successful?

Are you always on the go, in hustle mode, never slowing down, and chasing one accomplishment after the other?

But, that attitude, those emotions, that energy, that action is blocking your success and creating a life of pressure and overwhelm.

Success starts from within, it's an inside job. I'm here to show you how.

Stacey McFarland


Here are three ways I can help you ditch the pressure and overwhelm.


Join us for the next round of the 12-week LIVE online group program for women. Your TRANSFORMATION awaits!

Stacey McFarland

private coaching

Exclusive 3 month private Transform experience with Stacey and On demand coaching via Voxer.

Stacey McFarland

Our Signature 4-workshop series that will guide your team to access the depth of their inner power so they can create next level results.

Stacey McFarland
Hi, I'm Stacey!


Before I discovered Empowering Mindset work, I lived in a constant state of pressure and overwhelm. I was determined to be a successful businessperson. I believed my success would prove that I was enough, smart enough. I believed my success would make me feel safe and secure. I craved those feelings. This way of life caused me to force everything….head down…push push push. I was completely overwhelmed, just barely surviving, zipping up those disempowering feelings in a shell of perfection. It was exhausting!

Soul Studio offers life changing mindset programs that include body regulation. Mind and body work together to create the changes you desire. We uncover WHY you think, feel and live the way you do and HOW to choose thoughts and feelings that align with your desired life! It's a new way to achieve all of your dreams, goals, desires without feeling pressure and overwhelm! Hell yeah! From this work came my mantra….The calmer I am, the more prosperous I become. Ahhhhh, read that again!

I became certified so I could share this life changing work with other women and let them know there's another way! A way where you listen to that voice inside, your intuition and trust, that is guiding you. Crushing your goals and desires from a life of calm and ease!

The secret to achieving success is to uncover and discover what's stopping you from success...

Here's three steps to get you started...


Book a Call with Stacey The first step towards transformation is reaching out. Schedule a call with Stacey, our experienced coach and guide. In this initial conversation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your aspirations, challenges, and what you envision for your future.


Craft Your Game Plan with Stacey’s Guidance… you’ll work together to create a personalized game plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. Through focused coaching sessions, Stacey will provide the tools, insights, and support you need to overcome obstacles and stay on track.


Embrace a Life of Calm, Joy, and Success Imagine waking up each day with a sense of purpose and direction. As you implement your tailored plan, you’ll begin to experience a life filled with calm, joy, and success. With Stacey’s ongoing guidance and support, you’ll navigate challenges with confidence and celebrate each milestone along the way.

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