To Grow Your Business and Your Success, it's Important To Grow Yourself.


Because I am so ready to grow!

Influence is a 4-week workshop series offered virtually or in-person. Each workshop is approximately 90 minutes with growth worksheets to expand and dive deeper during and after our sessions.

influence will guide your team on...

How to access the depth of their inner power so they can create next-level results in their business, create more productivity inside the company and live happier, richer lives.

The Breakdown

here's what each workshop entails...

A guide to getting in touch with what YOU desire and your future self-visualization. We will work together to design a vision of your goals and where you see yourself, 1 year from now.

Everyone does!! I’ll show you the four most common types of resistance. Then, we will learn about how to acknowledge and move through that resistance.

It’s all about Ready-Set -Action! Shift your relationship with Fear and how to recognize the difference between Fear and Danger. Get to know your Fear Flavor and learn the six ways to Dance with Fear.

Identify your narratives and the power of your words. Work towards living your life complaint and gossip free. And most importantly, how to stop asking for what you don’t want!

Soul Studio | About Stacey McFarland
Hi, I'm Stacey!


Stacey McFarland embodies the Power of Calm. As a mindset coach and business owner, she helps women and their teams tap into their souls and create success from a place of ease, peace, and compassion.

Stacey was awarded, by the local Chamber of Commerce, Business Person of the Year Award. This award was given to her in 2020 during the uncertain times of the pandemic shutdown. She has been praised for her ability to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude while pivoting her business in a new direction that not only helped her business survive, it thrived!

Stacey is a sought-after mindset coach for leaders and their teams. Her clients have next level results in their business and personal lives. Achieving it all while stressing less.

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