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I help women leaders tap into their soul and create success through calm and ease.

Success is an inside job.

You have desire to be successful but the journey feels overwhelming, like you have to sacrifice your inner peace to be successful.

You’re always on the go, in hustle mode, never slowing down, and chasing one accomplishment after the other

But that attitude, those emotions, that energy, that action is what is actually creating your reality.

Success is an inside job, I'm here to show you how.

Soul Studio


Here are three ways I can help you ditch the pressure and overwhelm.

Soul Studio - Power of Calm Training

Join us for the next round of the 12-week LIVE online group program for women featuring the MIND MAGIC ® framework.

Soul Studio | Transform Group Coaching Program


Exclusive 3 month private coaching experience with Stacey featuring the MIND MAGIC ® framework and On demand coaching via Voxer.


Our Signature 4-workshop series that will guide your team to access the depth of their inner power so they can create next level results.

Soul Studio | About Stacey McFarland
Hi, I'm Stacey!


Before I discovered this work, I lived in a constant state of pressure and overwhelm. I was determined to be a successful business person. I believed my success would prove that I was enough, smart enough. I believed my success would make me feel safe and secure. I craved those feelings. This way of life caused me to force everything….head down…push push push. I was so overwhelmed and I would just zip up those feelings with a shell of perfection. It was exhausting!

Transform is a life changing mindset program that includes body regulation. Mind and body work together to create the changes you desire. Transform uncovers WHY you think, feel and live the way you do and HOW to choose thoughts and feelings that align with your desired life! It's a new way to achieve all of your dreams, goals, desires without feeling pressure and overwhelm! Hell yeah! From this work came my mantra….The calmer I am, the more prosperous I become. Ahhhhh read that again.

I became certified so I could share this life changing work with other women and let them know there's another way! A way where you listen to that voice inside that is guiding you. Crushing your goals and desires from a life of calm and ease!

You can start your transformation journey

in three easy steps...


Book a call with Stacey to find out if she’s the right fit for you or your corporation.


Put a game plan in place with Stacey by your side coaching you every step of the way.


Ditch the pressure and overwhelm lifestyle so you can finally live in peace and ease.

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Achieve More While Stressing Less


Go behind the scenes and learn my #1 Trick to achieving more, while feeling less stress and overwhelm!